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Maxi Cosi

The Case

I was asked to come up with a solution for Maxi-Cosi's Mico Max 30™ customization page. The requirements included designing a mobile friendly tool that would organize and display all the customization options available to users while still remaining simple to non-power users (ie: tired mothers/fathers and people over 40). I was also required to stay within the Maxi-Cosi branding guidelines and development limits.

The Branding

I began by consolidating any branding information I had in one document. I stayed in line with Maxi-Cosi's soft and childlike branding by selecting Omnes Pro as playful but modest font.

branding Branding Style Tile.

The Design

Once styling was finalized I moved on to designing the user interface. A vertical tabbing system set apart the types of materials and color options while a horizontal tabbed slider showed accessories and toys. I decided to provide information on these extra options by allowing the user to hover over the content and replace the main image with a short description. This turned out to be a great solution for saving real estate above the fold. Any material and color selections would update the photo on the page per requirements.

photoshop mockup The final design, animated in Photoshop.

The Results

The product was received positively, and is still their main product line to this day.

photoshop mockup